Evangelion 2.22 Airing on Toonami August 31st (Also, Clone Wars is Coming)

If you don’t follow or just plain ol’ pay attention to the Toonami tumblr account, you may have missed the fact that they’re doing a Q&A over there today. And, in that Q&A, they mentioned a couple of things that you’ll be watching in the coming month(s) on the block. One is a sequel to a film that aired earlier in the year. One will replace Eureka Seven.

First up, the big news: Evangelion 2.22: You Can (Not) Advance will air on Toonami on August 31st. The film is the second in the Rebuild of Evangelion film series, recreating the original Neon Genesis Evangelion television series theatrically, with a new vision. The first film, 1.11: You Are (Not) Alone aired on Toonami in March. The second film continues the saga, introduces two new characters– one that people familiar with Evangelion know very well and one that is brand new to the franchise– and takes the story in a different direction than the series originally did: this is where the films begin to skew from the path of the television series.

Personally, 2.22 is one of my favorite films, ever. It is extraordinary and has some of the most striking scenes from the television show included, and, for some, made even better with specific music. The film is an emotional ride and sort of a visual spectacle. And I know this is a lot of hyperbole, but watch it for yourself and see. It is just that good.

Next, welcome back an old friend as Toonami replaces Eureka Seven (which will be wrapping up its final Adult Swim/Toonami run ever, most likely) with Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The show premiered on Cartoon Network back in 2008 and ran on Adult Swim on Saturdays in 2009 for a while. Also airing on TNT for a time, the show has aired bizarrely late at night on local networks, syndicated. At least in my area. It’s odd.

The show was canceled after Disney’s acquisition of the Star Wars franchise via their purchase of Lucasfilm, so they could focus on the upcoming films. There was an entire finished season left unaired, which included two story arcs. The episodes are to be released as “bonus episodes” but no one’s sure of how or when (perhaps on Toonami?).

Clone Wars will replace Eureka Seven after it airs its final episode, so it will likely premiere August 24th. Evangelion 2.22 will air August 31st. You can buy the film on DVD and Blu-ray from Funimation on for under $20. Nab it now, or nab it after you watch the television premiere of the (amazing) film. Either way. Your choice.

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