Arrested Development: The Good and the Bad of Season 4

Arrested Development had an initial two and a half season run starting in 2003, although critics loved the show, it simply didn’t catch on with viewers at the time. Many who started with the show from episode one couldn’t get enough of the Bluth family, but for individuals who checked in midway through a season, they simply were lost trying to understand the gags spilling over from previous episodes or what exactly was taking place. Due to this, after a very short third season, Fox studio pulled the plug. However, thanks to Netflix, the show moved on to high speed internet, saw a second life and became one of the most popular streaming programs available. This prompted the entire cast and crew to come back together to make a fourth season of Arrested Development, this time produced by Netflix, giving the creative team no limits to what they could do. Of course, this gave a different feel to the show, resulting in several good and bad moments of season 4.

The Good

The entire cast is back. Although almost everyone has gone on to rather productive professional careers, including working in film, everyone returned to the show. Although many had scheduling conflicts the main cast made it a point to show up in given episodes. Each episode focuses on a specific individual of the Bluth family while encompassing in a larger story. All of the episodes packed together basically feel like one jumbo-sized episode, because it circulates around a single idea and spirals outward from there.


Buster is as funny as ever in the fourth season of Arrested Development. While he might appear in the episodes less than any other main character, his moments truly steal the show. While he loses his hook-for-a-hand, he is upgraded to an over-sized hand, giving him almost superhuman power.


Although the storyline is no longer how to clear George Bluth’s name and right the company, the plot is exceptional. In it, Michael Bluth is looking to secure the rights to all of his family members in order to produce a movie with Ron Howard, who of course is the narrator of the show.

The Bad

While Netflix allowed the show to do anything it wanted, including not having a very strict 22-23 minute running time, as is the case with most network television, many of the episodes simply felt drawn out. The jokes went on too long and probably would have worked better trimmed down. When a television show has only 22 minutes to work with, they have to trim out the fat and work with the best. This didn’t happen.

Not All Characters Together

The great aspect of the first three seasons of Arrested Development stands as all of the characters, who are completely different from one another, interacting together. However, because of how season 4 had to be shot, there is very little actual main character interaction. The scenes with Tobias and Gob are great and bring back a reminder of the first three seasons and what is missing in the fourth.


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