Animation Domination HD Details, Preview, Premiere Info

Fox’s late-night animation block is still on its way.

After about a year of getting you ready via their website, videos, and social media presence, July 27th will see the official premiere of the new block that will house the animated version of popular webcomic Axe Cop and the Dino Stamatopoulos show High School, USA!, but you’ll get a chance to taste the flavors of the new ADHD set of shows a week early. July 21st, Fox will premiere both of the two flagship shows for the ADHD block during their Sunday night Animation Domination block at 9:30 after Family Guy. Both episodes are premieres, and the following week when the block formally introduces itself into your home, you’ll get to see two newer episodes instead of just the same two two weeks in a row. Axe Cop will air at 9:30, and High School USA! at 9:45 on the 21st.

The ADHD block, when it begins, will look a little something like this:

  • 11:00: Axe Cop
  • 11:15: High School USA!
  • 11:30: The Cleveland Show

Cleveland will switch over from the main AD block and set up camp at ADHD. This is a departure from the original block schedule which had reruns of the previous week’s episodes at 11:30, and Cleveland at midnight, since Fox has decided to give local affiliates the 12:00 half hour/hour back.

ADHD is being run by ex-Adult Swim development head Nick Weidenfeld. This block is his little baby, and that baby comes to life in a couple of weeks. These are also only two of the shows coming to the block: later in the run, Golan the Insatiable and Lucas Bros. Moving Co. will take their place in the lineup.

ADHD will show off its wares on July 21st, and take over July 27th. Get yourself ready.


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