Video Hate Squad Brings VHS Cheese to Denver with THE KILLING OF SATAN

With the advent of hi-def, mega-hi-def, and ultra-mega-hi-def home viewing choices available to the average film lover, it was simply a matter of time before pixelated VHS fuzzfests were revisited by us Generation X’ers with something akin to loving nostalgia. Plenty of blogs, clubs, and what-have-you have sprung up in recent years extolling the weird anti-virtues of VHS schlock, but perhaps none of them do it with the wonderfully cheesy panache of Austin’s Video Hate Squad.

Founded a few years back by Max Dropout of VHS Summer, Weird Wednesday’s Lars Nilsen, and Zack Carlson of Terror Tuesday, Video Hate Squad takes their fixation on VHS films a bit further than most. While most 80’s tape aficionados might focus on VHS versions of wide-release movies, Video Hate Squad deals in VHS-only movies; selections that never played in theaters, never scored a conversion deal to LaserDisc or Blu-Ray or HD-DVD or any variety of streaming video. You can probably extrapolate from there the quality of such movies (hint: totally awesome).

For the benefit of the micro-budget junk loving public, the Video Hate Squad and partner Alamo Drafthouse routinely dredge up a particularly notable and hilarious example of lo-fi crud to the big screen via a projector connected to a VCR. And if you happen to live in or near my current stomping grounds of Denver, you best clear tonight’s schedule, because the Video Hate Squad will be making their first ever appearance at Alamo Drafthouse Littleton at 10 p.m. tonight with a little selection called The Killing of Satan.

A low-budget 1983 Filipino horror/unintentional comedy, The Killing of Satan… well… maybe I should just include the related blurb from the Alamo’s page itself:

Move over, Jesus! Lando San Miguel saves! THE KILLING OF SATAN is a Filipino horror movie that tells the age-old tale of God Vs. Satan. That is, if God was a diminutive man named Lando who wore a jean jacket and converse hi-tops. And Satan was an even more diminutive man with a plastic red pitchfork and goatee. Like all genre films from the Phillipines, this one throws logic, sanity, and proper filmmaking techniques out the window. In their place, we get laser battles, manimals, zombies, boobs, and face mutilation. It’s a psychedelic blast of gory absurdity, an epic “adults only” comic book filled with dead-serious emotions and dead-serious hilarity. All in the name of God’s revenge.

On the fence as to whether you should spend 90 minutes of your life watching 30-year-old forgotten nonsense? Maybe the screening’s uber-cheap $2 price tag will help allay those fears. Plenty of tickets remain, but the screening is tonight only. Visit the Alamo Drafthouse’s Littleton page here for more screening information and online ticketing.

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