Venture Shirt Club – Week 3

Check out this week’s Shirt Club Tee (modeled by Hollywood Celebrity… and Robot Chicken mainstay, Macaulay Culkin:)



Embrace your Destiny! Or at least embrace Hank’s cross-dressing version of Destiny. It worked for Bowie! Now you can celebrate Hank’s accidental life choice with this fine garment. Tell your friends it’s a sexy woman. Tell them it’s a young man proudly ignoring gender roles and kicking ass. Tell them it’s Hank F@¢#ING Venture. Or just tell them to stop being so interested in your awesome brown shirt made from 100% cotton plant! Time to be extra interesting, my friends. Destiny awaits!


This shirt (sans Mac,) is available now at AstroBase Go! Want to order the other shirts? Well, your out of luck (Whomp, whomp!) But this shirt and many others will be available each week until 11:59pm the Sunday night of each new Venture premiere.

P.S.: Should be interesting to see who the next model will be. Seth Green? Dana Snyder? The list is endless… stay tuned!

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