Venture Bros. Recap: S5, Ep. 4: Spanakopita!

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John J.: Why didn’t someone tell me my aunt’s been feeding me Spanakopita lately? It’s dee-lish… and we aren’t Greek. Ahem, overall this was a great episode. Rusty actually happy? It’s going to snow. Loved the Clash of the Titans/Star Wars references. I thought I’d die when I saw St. Cloud in “the actual” Auric Goldfinger outfit from the 007 film. I also enjoyed how Hatred contacted Brock in a kind of “learning how to be a Venture bodyguard” type of way. Not very much of the boys in this one (but LOL @ Hank still in the Destiny suit from the last ep.) Also, props to Stoopid Buddy Stoodios (the Robot Chicken folks) for animating that Harryhausen-esque clay scene.

Jason: Spanakopita! This one was fun. And a touch heartwarming in a way, when you learn just how Spanakopita came to be, with the Greek islanders just feeling so bad for little Rusty that they faked a festival. It’s nice to get little spots of Brock this season, however small they are. They’re doing a really good job of making St. Cloud totally unlikable– he’s such a dick– but I have a hard time hating Pee Wyy, since all he’s been so far is hilarious and slightly helpful. St. Cloud commanding him to “use your parkour” was great. I actually expected to have Jonas Jr. in the episode this week at the beginning, only for the show to bait and switch and have the new archvillain show up instead. This was definitely one of my favorite episodes of the season so far, and now, I need to go sift through episodes and figure out what other episode had that opening scene with Jonas Sr. going to Jackie O’s wedding. I forgot.

Nikki: This was a great little side episode. I loved the back story of Spanakopita. It was cute seeing how Rusty lit up like a kid at Disney World the moment he got there. There were several memorable moments like the flashbacks of Jonas Sr in action, Pete’s albino woes and Billy’s trippy Clash of the Titans dream. I was a little indifferent to St. Cloud at first, but I thought he was a great villain in this one, and it was nice to see Billy come out on top. Also, Brock has kids there!

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