Venture Bros. Recap: S5, Ep 3: “S.P.H.I.N.X. Rising”

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Gary attempts to rebuild S.P.H.I.N.X. with disastrous results. Hatred questions his ability to protect the Venture clan while The Monarch plans another assault.

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John J.: CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT (hate to sound like a broken record… but I’m loving it!) Gary’s hapless attempt at reviving S.P.H.I.N.X. was a novel effort. I have to wonder if OSI will allow him to join now, or he’ll start his own group as The Viceroy? Another Hank-Dean 180, with the original Commander confusing him for a woman (much like Baron Underbheit confused Dean for a woman.) I’m left wondering what was up with the picture of the Monarch and his parents at the Venture Compound. Guess we’ll find out soon enough… *cough*Third Brother*cough*

Jason: There has to be some big stuff comin’. Just look at that photo the Monarch finds. What’s up with that? That has to mean something, but what? Also I’m disappointed for Gary to see his new gig fall to pieces so quickly but I do hope Brock vouches for him and helps get him into the OSI– he has the drive, the passion, the want to “fight the good fight”, and I think that by the end of the episode (or even early on when he screws the whole OSI operation, he does defend him a bit to Gathers) Brock can see that pretty vividly. He does give up his crossbow after all. Elsewhere, you can really tell what Dean learned on Halloween is eating at him and is forcing him to feel like he needs to be different so he feels like less of a clone and more of a separate entity from his father’s experiments. Nice to see Hatred actually was able to help him feel a bit better. Hank in the Duchess’ strongsuit was actually pretty rad. Hank has to be going towards something like that– fighting for the OSI or someone else similar. He’s determined about his “destiny” now. I like it. It all does come back to that photo, though. What was that? Why were they together as kids? Why were the Monarch’s parents there? What’s goin’ on? Elaborate, TV! Elaborate!

Nikki: Last week’s episode didn’t do much for me, but I liked this one almost as much as the premiere. I think 21/Gary keeps proving to be one of the best characters on the show. After Rusty’s comment about him being embarrassingly better than Hatred, I immediately thought about how much I’d love to see him take over that position (even though Hatred did come through in the end by finding the bombs), especially since his Sphinx dream went down in flames. I also liked The Monarch and Dr. GF’s ridiculous plot to infiltrate the Venture compound (though as ridiculous as it was, it almost worked), and how it winded down to them chatting over Rusty’s photo album. The most interesting thing of all, though, was afterwards, when the Monarch recognized himself as a child in the photo but couldn’t remember anything about it. I can’t wait to see where this is going.

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