Venture Bros. Recap – S5, Ep. 2: “Venture Libre”

Another week, and another installment of the Venture Timey Time Show…

Doc Venture is summoned by the military to investigate a conflict in South America. This leads him to encountering an old “creation.”

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John J.: A great follow-up to last week’s FLIPPING AWESOME 1-hour premier. Loved seeing Hank return as “The Bat.” Also, lost it when Venturestein pulled out the Batman mask and screamed “BATMAN!” More character development, obvs… definitely reinforces what we mentioned last week about Hank becoming the adventuerous one while Dean is the more defiant one this season.

Jason: A really solid episode. Liked it more in the first viewing than I liked last week’s the first time around. Hank kicked ass this week. Venturestein and his crew of other freaks were cool, a cool idea. I like the way the boys are going this year– Dean into his own person, still mildly into science but still trying to break out of the mold his father forced upon him. Hank, more like his old self, going on adventures with Rusty and being The Bat. Weird little flashback with Hatred, that might go somewhere. Hopefully not somewhere graphic and gross, but somewhere in developing Hatred somehow. I’m pretty excited to see what happens next week, where Gary takes Sphinx, what happens with Hank and Gary’s new organization. A pretty good half-hour here!

55: Feeling unsatisfied with this season thus far. I don’t know why. I don’t know what I’m not getting that I’m looking for. I still don’t feel like the show has declined in quality, but maybe the fact that it hasn’t improved in any great way is disappointing, especially because them being away for so long and insisting that the time was being spent making it high quality work just unavoidably creates hype.
This episode was basically all about Hank for me. I mean other things were happening but HANK.
Also, calling it right now – Hatred was born a woman.

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