Venture Bros. Recap – S5, Ep. 1: “What Color is Your Cleansuit?”

It’s been two years since Hank, Dean, Rusty, Brock, Hatred, The Monarch, and the rest of the Ventureverse set foot on [adult swim] TV. For many, the wait was a long one (longer after they bumped it from May 19th to June 2nd… but then those early screenings kinda helped.) But the wait is over! Venture Season 5 is in full effect with another 1-hour long episode that will have you wanting more.

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Months after the Venture Prom, Doc Venture has to deal with a rebellious Dean, the production of a shield for his brother’s space station, and mysterious mutations to the teams working on said shield. Billy Quizboy gets his own arch-nemesis, The Monarch deals (very poorly) with the departure of the former Henchman 21, and Sgt. Hatred deals with a strange malady.

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John J.: Welcome back, Venture Bros! This episode was truly a return to the Venture Timey Show we’ve been missing these past two years. Really sets up a lot of what can be expected throughout the season. Loved the inclusion of Augustus St. Cloud as Billy’s arch. Of course, as always, the character development will be something to look forward to Speaking of “development,” I’m convinced Hatred’s boobs are a result of his meds (remember last season?)

Jason: I am so glad this show is back on television with new episodes and I am so glad to see these characters again, to hear James Urbaniak on something other than Vine (though, granted, his Vines rule), for everything. Slightly underwhelmed by the season premiere, but I did only watch it once, and that “slightly” is a really small “slightly” because while I didn’t think it was so much a classic Venture episode, it was still a brilliant one. The ending and the post-credits tag scene were hilarious, and I’m excited to see how the new-look OSI full of now-“un-disavowed” agents effect things, how 21 does his thing now that he is Sphinx (Sphinx!), how Dean develops now that he’s his own man trying to grasp the outside-of-the-talking-bed world, and how everything else shifts ahead from here. The episodes can only get better, because this show absolutely never gets bad.

Bizarro: As somebody who was a little disappointed in the first half of the fourth season, I can happily say that this episode seemed more like the Venture Bros I knew and loved. If the rest of the season is this good, than I’m glad I decided to stick around. My only real problem with the episode was the lack of Brock Samson which I hope doesn’t hold true for the rest of the season. (1 hour long and we only saw him for 5 minutes? Come on! My main concern with this is that it’s probably because Patrick Warburton’s schedule’s too full and they’re trying to write him out of the show.)

Nikki: What a way to kick off the new season after such a long wait. There was so much to love… Hatred’s Charlton Heston moment, Aziz Ansari leading a mutant cult, Dean falling fast for the first girl that shows up. I loved how the Monarch’s paranoia over the belief that Rusty had built an army of mutant soldiers leads to an attempt to bring them down, yet only ends up saving Rusty’s ass in the end. It’s off to a great start and I’m excited for next week.

55: I’m finding myself feeling a little differently about some characters, and I’m not sure if that’s because they are changing so much, or because it’s been like a decade since the last season and I am a slightly different person now. 21 is on a fast track to being my favorite character, and I’m extremely curious about what kind of trajectories some characters, like Hatred and Dean, are gonna be headed down.
The episode itself was maybe not as big and impressive as I had anticipated, but it was still just very nice to have the show back. It hasn’t lost anything in the time it’s been away – the writing is so great, and it looks so nice this season.

smurfee mcgee: It was a great opening to the season; it feels like they never left. My highlights: Science gone wrong, super-nerd Arching, and Dr. Girlfriend dressed like Rocky.

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