THE DARK KNIGHT Trilogy Reigns Supreme With Fans

The superhero movie genre has been very popular of late. Numerous trilogies, series and one-off films bringing comic book characters to life have largely been successful at the box office, while fans are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking their favourite film. One of the most recent releases was Superman reboot Man of Steel, which was made to try and bring Clark Kent up to date.

Released earlier this month, a major barometer of the new Superman film’s success is its box office takings, so how did it do? In terms of ticket sales, it has taken a reasonable £136m in North America, while the critical reception hasn’t been too bad, with most newspapers and industry magazines giving it three or four stars out of five.

Holy box office, Batman!

Although Man of Steel has been a success of sorts, it has a long way to go as far as reaching the giddy heights of popularity achieved by standard bearers of the genre is concerned. Should a sequel be made, it needs to be better and to find its own voice rather than copy the wildly successful Dark Knight Trilogy, which, according to a survey by Ladbrokes Games, is the best of all time.

In the survey, 18.8% said that The Dark Knight was the greatest superhero film ever made. A close second was sequel The Dark Knight Rises with 17.7%, while The Avengers came third polling 15.8%. This shows that, if nothing else, the Dark Knight series is one that will linger long in the memory of superhero fans.

Putting the Cat (woman) out

At the other end of the scale, the survey of 1,000 fans revealed that 22% voted for Catwoman as the worst superhero film ever made. Elektra, which suffered a similar mauling from critics and fans alike when it was released, was a distant second with 15% of the vote.

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