Surgeon Simulator, a Parody

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If you don’t know Surgeon Simulator,  it’s a darkly funny game where the player takes control of a would-be surgeon, Nigel Burke. With only one arm, you perform complex surgeries and organ replacements in the back of an ambulance. The physics of the game is equivalent to the freely bouncing chest bombs on the ladies of Dead or Alive. So in other words, it’s haphazard at best. That’s what makes the game so awesome.

The game itself hasn’t been out for very long, but it’s already spurring parody videos on Youtube. The guys from Third Hour Productions filmed this video which illustrates what life for Nigel Burke would look like outside the ambulance. Fun fact: Anthony Woodle and Charles Joyner, creators of Third Hour, filmed a behind the scenes documentary for The Women of Geekdom 2013 calendar shoot, a project of which I took part.

What do you think of the Surgeon Simulator video?


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