Sam Mendes Secures BOND 24, Maybe BOND 25

Good news Bond fans, Sam Mendes is confirmed to return for Bond 24 and will possibly be locked in for Bond 25 as well. While I’m far from a James Bond aficionado, I have enjoyed the Daniel Craig series of Bond films, with Skyfall as the crowning achievement in that series. Mendes showed he was adept at handling the big action set pieces as well as getting to the root of the character in quieter moments.

I’m excited to see what he does with the Bond franchise next and am looking forward to what’s to come should he be on board for more than just one movie.  Daniel Craig is likely to return and who knows, maybe Adele will sing another award-worthy theme song. Although, it sounds like she may be too busy with an upcoming album release to contribute, which would be unfortunate.

This week has been a veritable roller coaster for Bond fans, with Mendes first denying he’d be involved and other director’s were speculated and now he’s fully on board. It could be that Sony is now willing to accomodate his schedule or they’re throwing so much money his way he couldn’t refuse. Maybe it’s a combination of both. Either way, I say it’s the right decision.

Are you excited to see Sam Mendes’ Bond 24? Sound off in the comments!

Sam Mendes

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