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NINE INCH NAILS “Burn” – Music Video Review

Nine Inch Nails “Burn” – Natural Born Killers Soundtrack (1994)

Wednesday night, as I was zoning out on the couch from my incredibly long work day, a link was posted by a friend on Facebook that I was tagged on. As soon as I registered the words “New NIN Single”, I sprang up and furiously clicked the link, raised the volume on my iPhone and proceeded to play “Came Back Haunted” three times continuously. Being that this was the first new anything from Nine Inch Nails since 2009, I’ve been bouncing with excitement all day.

I’ve been a fan of Trent Reznor’s work for 20 years now and Nine Inch Nails was sort of my “gateway drug” into the goth-industrial club music scene of the 90s. Not to mention, The Downward Spiral got me through some tough times during my senior year in high school. So, much like most fanatics out there, whenever Trent drops something new, I become a rabid monkey swinging from the proverbial rafters.

After listening to the new track, and thusly learning of the new album info and tour dates, I began revisiting older videos online. Today, I’m sharing with you the music video for “Burn”.

The entire video is visceral and brutal. The images are shown through the mind of Mickey Knox (Woody Harrelson) who suffered child abuse from both parents and witnessed his father committing suicide at age 10. The music video here is an ultraviolent collage of the American dream’s demise and pretty much mirrors Natural Born Killers perfectly, which is of course the point.

Even if viewed out of context by someone who may not at all be familiar with Oliver Stone’s film, the five minutes depicted below are as powerful today as they were 19 years ago.

Directed by Hank Corwin and Trent Reznor and taken from The Natural Born Killers soundtrack Reznor produced, “Burn” is meant to always be played loud.

So have at it!

Hesitation Marks is the title of Nine Inch Nails’ eighth studio album (Halo 28, for those keeping track) and will drop on September 3rd. It is available for pre-order now on iTunes!

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