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MONSTERS UNIVERSITY Spoiler Forum: What Did You Think?

Monsters University is out in theaters this weekend to mixed, but mostly positive reviews. If you haven’t seen the film just yet, stop reading now or major plot points will be spoiled for you. You’ve been warned!

Warning: Spoilers to follow. Chime in with your thoughts in the comments!

While providing a heart-felt friendship tale between Mike Wazowski and Sully, I particularly loved its subversive message that college is not necessary for succes and that kid’s dream jobs are not always what the end up achieving. If you haven’t seen Monsters University, stop reading right now because this is giving away the ending as plain as day.

Monsters University is Anti-College

While the majority of the film takes place in a rich, fully developed college environment in the monster world, the end result feels decidedly anti-college. After Mike and Sully get kicked out of not just the scaring program but the university as a whole, they decide to start at the bottom at Monsters, Inc. by working in the mail room. They work hard and excel in every position and eventually they get promoted to the scaring floor and become the top-notch duo we know in Monsters, Inc. 

Growing up, I feel every movie/tv show either espoused the benefits of going to college and achieving your dream job through a degree or had the princess marry into happily ever after. This stance on meritocracy where you can work your way up the ladder wasn’t nearly as prevalent as it is in MU. This is a post-recession film at its finest.

Monsters University

You Don’t Always Land Your Dream Job

Most children’s films say to follow your dreams and the main character of course ends up doing their dream job when they grow up. There’s no major shift unless the main character is a woman who happens to marry into princess-dom. Monsters University bucks that trend by having Mike Wazowski dream of being the best Scarer. He studies and trains like no other, but somehow lacks the innate scary gene. He’s a monster that’s just more cute and cuddly than he is horrifying and scary. Instead of him ending up as the professional scarer that he dreamed to be, he finds another calling that combines his passion along with his skillset. It’s a wholly realistic take on the dream gig route that is vastly underdeveloped in the childrens’ film genre.

What did you think of Monsters University?

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