Watch: Peggy Olson’s Amazing Growth on MAD MEN

While Mad Men is Don Draper’s story, my favorite character has always been Peggy Olson. She started from humble beginnings in the secretary pool and has since ascended to Copy Chief at one of the top agencies on Madison Ave. It wasn’t an easy journey – riddled with sexism, an accidental pregnancy, and terrible boyfriends – but she’s at the forefront of the women’s equality movement without even being political about it. Her talent and determination have pushed her forward more so than any personal agenda to be the voice of a woman’s movement.

What’s amazing about her transformation is just how real it’s been. Watching this supercut of her transformation highlights how much has changed, but watch the full 6 seasons and every moment feels true to character instead of a drastic leap.

Watch Peggy’s transformation on

Peggy Olson
Season 1: Peggy’s cute “basket of kisses” line got her noticed

Mad Men 513 (5)

Peggy Olson
Season 6: Peggy’s the HBIC
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