Leonardo DiCaprio to Play Rasputin for Warner Bros

Leonardo DiCaprio is set to play Rasputin in a new film from Warner Bros. Deadline reports that Jason Hall (American Sniper) is writing the script for the project  that will be produced by DiCaprio’s Appian Way and Langley Park’s Kevin McCormick.

Rasputin was a Russian mystic, visionary, and faith healer. According to Wikipedia, he became an advisor to the Tsar after healing healing his son, who suffered from hemophilia.  As a result he gained influence with the family and grew to the point that rivals attempted to kill him several times, finally succeeding in 1916.

DiCaprio has a knack for transforming himself into his roles. J. Edgar and Calvin Candy are prime examples of his ability. and I can see him becoming Rasputin. There have been a number of films made about Rasputin, but DiCaprio was attracted to the role because of new material unearthed by Hall that showed how multi-dimensional Rasputin was. He will next be seen in Martin Scorsese‘s The Wolf of Wall Street.

What do you think of Leonardo DiCaprio as Rasputin?

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