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DYING LIGHT Trailer Mixes Zombies and Parkour

Dying Light has been given a cool CGI trailer from WB Games. The game hits consoles next year from Dead Island creator Techland. It combines first-person parkour with zombies. To stay alive, players are faced with scavenging, combat, and stealth in a world full of zombies. Dying Light arrives on Xbox One, PS4, PS3, and Xbox 360 next year. Keep reading to check out the trailer!


Watch the awesome Dying Light trailer:

Here is a description:

[box style=”quote”]The city, devastated by a deadly outbreak, is a battleground. Witness the survivors’ desperate race to a cache of supplies. Free running from here to there is only a part of the challenge. The real test is trying to stay alive through the night, when the infected become more active and even more deadly. This is your world now, every day and every night, so run! Good night, good luck![/box]

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