5 Awesome Things We Saw at E3 2013

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Last week was one heck of a ride, especially where Microsoft and Sony were concerned. Ever since bits of information about what the new Xbox would be and how it would work, a lot of gamers got worried. After the official reveal 19 days ago, tepid and concerned gamers flung their arms up in the air in one (almost) unified cry in anguish. Responses from gamers range even today from still hopeful to outright “Frak this!”

Then E3 arrived. Microsoft continued digging its own grave, while Sony, who has been sitting back and watching MS drown in their own pool of sweat since the reveal, came up and gave MS a momentous, swift shot to the nards. Here are some of my favorite highlights of E3 2013:

1. Sony’s Jack Tretton completely destroyed Microsoft in two minutes.

In a one-on-one interview with Gametrailers, Tretton goes into more detail about the PS4…and then he literally drops the mic. A fist bump to you, good sir.

2. Playstation came out with an instructional video on sharing games

Remember what I said about Sony sitting back and watching MS stew in their own roast? Leading up to E3, Sony has been releasing little ads on Facebook and Twitter that were clearly digs against MS. My favorite one said “Legends never die, even if your internet connection does.” This ad was in reference to Xbox One’s requirement to sign in online to authenticate who you are so you can play your game. Another favorite came the day after Sony’s big press conference which was released via Youtube:

3. Kingdom Hearts 3 was officially announced

I was in high school when I played the first Kingdom Hearts game, and I was in college when the second came out three years later. Needless to say, I am a fan. Eight years later and five hand-held games later, KH3 is finally announced. And people said it would never happen…HA!

4. Microsoft’s Don Mattrick pulled a PR face-palm

I truly believe Microsoft will one day crawl out of this deep, deep hole they’ve made for themselves. For that to happen, they might need to consider just shutting up for a while. I’m looking at you, Don Mattrick! The video below is Gametrailer’s entire interview with Mr. Mattrick. The high/low point of this particular interview is when Mattrick says that if gamers have a problem with the constant internet connection feature of the Xbox One, they should just stick with the 360. Really? Are you really saying that we should NOT buy your product, sir? Pretty sure that’s not what the company had in mind…

5. The ESA tried to run Ouya out


The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) called the cops on Ouya, who was also premiering their console — they got a lot of press for its overwhelmingly successful Kickstarter campaign last year. They decided not to attend E3 this year, and therefore, did not pay the ESA. What they did do is set up shop in an empty lot right across the street from the convention center that hosted E3. Offended and perturbed that Ouya had the audacity to show off their product without their help, ESA tried blocking them away from public view. This proved unsuccessful. Ouya legally countered with very well-placed banners. In a last ditch effort, The ESA called the police on them. As it turns out the police couldn’t do anything to Ouya since they were there legally; all of their permits were in order. Instead, they posed one of the reps and their merch. Classic.


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