Williams Street Editor @learbunda Brings You “Mortal Komband”

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While you may think the average Williams Street/[adult swim] staffer is busy 24/7 doing non-stop work on programming for the channel… that’s really farther from the truth. Heck, we raised nearly $2,000.00 for cancer research in 2010 thanks to original content from some of the people who make these shows awesome.

Lear Bunda is no different, while he edits his heart out on your favorite shows (like Aqua *Insert New Title Here*, Squidbillies, and most recently… Your Pretty Face is Going To Hell,) Lear also finds time to make his own awesome products via his channel, “Neon Asteroid.”

Case in point, “Mortal Komband”: a new channel on YouTube featuring (what else?) people dressed as characters from Mortal Kombat… in a band no less! Here’s a bit of what Lear had to say about the channel:


It’s a cosplay parody comedy YT channel that features MK characters being total bozos; from their jobs to their musical ambitions, it’s all in flux after the Mortal Kombat tournaments ended.

Here’s one of the Mortal Komband vids titled “Scorpion Sign Spinner.” You can check out the whole YouTube channel over at

They’re also on Facebook and Twitter. Check them out!


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John J. Galbo

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