Watch the Stoopid Buddy Couch Gag on The Simpsons Season Finale

Apparently there’s no hard feelings from Matt Groening towards Seth Green for being involved with rival show Family Guy because according to TV Guide, The Simpsons have approached Seth’s ‘Stoopid Buddy/Stoopid Monkey’ studio that works on Robot Chicken to design the finale’s couch gag. It appears that they’re going to do a stop-motion gag using the official Simpsons action figures. This isn’t the first time Robot Chicken’s touched The Simpsons as they did the briefBart’s Punishment clip in season 5 episode, Major League of Extraordinary Gentleman. It is however the first time they’ve collaborated with Groening. Anybody who’s interested in a behind the scenes look at what Stoopid Buddies studios went through to design the segment, check out the video on TV Guide’s site and then watch Sunday May 19th at 8 on Fox to see what actually happens.

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