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Venus and Serena Williams are two of the most well known athletes on the planet. The star sisters have been the face of tennis for 15 years now, and a recent movie called Venus and Serena followed the two through their 2011 playing season, while also telling you the story of the sisters growing up. While the movie is overall well put together and accomplishes it’s goal of giving you an insight on these two all stars, the film doesn’t really tell you anything you didn’t already know.

The film begins with an opening montage of the two sisters, with brief highlights of their rise in the tennis world. From there, we start our journey with Serena Williams, who is on the mend after a scary blood clot nearly took her life. The opening shots are the most powerful and best ones of the film, as it provides a unique insight into a personal scare that you would never otherwise see. From here, we begin our journey with the girls as they grew up.


The problem with the flashbacks is that they are mainly centered around her father, who everyone knows has been their coach for years. We don’t really need to hear about how hard he was on them for half of the movie. We know this already. The film did give an interesting insight on a coach that seemed to have a much bigger role in the development of the Williams sisters’s games then they seem to be letting on in various interviews over the past few years. The average casual fan will learn new things about the girls, but anyone who has followed tennis and these two in particular will find much of this part repetitive.

We go back to 2011 to see how the Williams sisters are each dealing with getting older and moving on with their career. Serena is battling a thigh issue as a side effect of her blood clot surgery, while Venus deals with early round knockouts in the major slams of the year. These parts often become boring and quickly lose the viewers attention.


The most emotional part of the Venus and Serena revolves around the sisters reflection on the shooting death of their sister Yetunde Price, who was shot and killed in 2003. You see both sisters talk tearfully about their sister, and marks one of the few times that you care not only for the sisters, but cared about what they had to say. It was a very touching moment in an otherwise monotone story arc.

The movie ends after the end of the 2011 playing season, and I couldn’t help but want more out of it. Granted, I’ve been a heavy follower of tennis for the past two decades, so I knew alot of stuff that was going to be said. If I had been a neutral viewer coming in, I would have likely enjoyed the story of these two amazing sisters much more then I did. But as it was, I simply was bored for much of the film save for a few moments that captured my undivided attention.



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