Venture Bros. Shirt Club Begins!

Last night, AstroBase Go! (by way of Titmouse Studios,) pulled the proverbial trigger on the Venture Bros. Season 5 Shirt Club. Right now, you can subscribe to the entire line of shirts coming soon, plus get the bonus tee (seen here being modeled by the beautifully handsome, Doc Hammer.)

Here’s all the deets you need to know:

You are only a few kinda inconvenient clicks away from pure exclusivity! This the moment you decide to be a full member of SHIRT of the week CLUB. You are on the velvet upholstered threshold of saving time and money over the cost of ordering each shirt individually, and you’ll also receive the “NOW IN GLORIOUS EXTRA-COLOR” BONUS T-SHIRT, ABSOLUTELY FREE. This navy blue beauty features the titular Venture Brothers, our dubiously quotable tag line, and is available to SHIRT CLUB SUBSCRIBERS ONLY, making it the most limited and exclusive shirt. Did we mention it’s FREE with every subscription? That’s 10 Shirts!

SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Subscriptions to The Venture Bros. Shirt Club will ONLY BE AVAILABLE FROM NOW UNTIL 11:59PM (EST) on JUNE 7th. That’s when the first week’s shirts disappear–and so does your chance to subscribe to the full season of The Venture Bros. shirt of the Week Club.


The entire subscription is a whopping $165.00. Is it worth being poor for a couple of weeks? I’d like to think so… It’s a once (or twice) in a lifetime opportunity to own some exclusive Venture Bros. tees (that weren’t fabricated and sold on eBay.) Of course, if that’s too much for you to spend at once, there’s always the option of getting each shirt each week (minus the COLOR tee) for a couple of bucks more total (if you decide to get all of them.) ALSO, don’t forget, these shirts are available in Women’s sizes as well.

So what are you waiting for? Go to to sign up for the exclusive and mostly elusive Venture Bros. Shirt Club!

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