Venture Bros Season 5 Shirt Club is Coming!

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A new season of Venture Bros is upon us, and we are ever so ready. Season 5 will be released midnight, July 2nd, so keep your TVs and couches ready (Even if you had them ready before the delay…) However,  while we wait for the show to finally come back, we can relish in the fact that the Shirt Club is coming back with the brothers!

No question mark shirts were offered.

The Shirt Club was first introduced back in 2008, as a service by Astrobase Go that offered new Venture Bros shirts every week alongside a new episode, for a price of $22. It would have logos, characters, phrases, or other things related to the currently aired episodes. But after week 13, the club ended. But it seems fitting that with the introduction of Season 5, we get the reintroduction of the Shirt Club, so anyone who missed it in 2008 will get a chance to not miss it this time around.

Not much has been said about how the Shirt Club will work this time, or what will be on the shirts, but we can assume the shirt club will be very similar. Jackson Publick has been quoted saying:

“As for Shirt Club–that’s gonna happen. The designs are all done, they’re super-cool, and we’re working out the logistical details now.”

We can only hope more details will come along with the new season. So keep your eyes peeled, because if these shirts will be like the old ones, you’ll definitely want to grab one or twelve.

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