TV Upfronts: NBC’s 2013-2014 Schedule

The fates of most current shows and pilots have been determined, and now it’s time to see where all of these programs are placed on the 2013-2014 network television schedule. NBC was the first out of gate on Sunday when it revealed its upcoming rotation.

2013-2014 Fall Line-up (NOTE: New shows are in UPPER CASE and times are Eastern Standard)

Sundays (fall)

7-8:15p: Football Night in America

8:15p-End: NBC Sunday Night Football

Sundays (after football)

7-8p: Dateline NBC


9-10p: BELIEVE

10-11p: CRISIS

Initial Thoughts: Sunday nights on NBC are the easiest nights to program during the fall since it’s all about football, but things take interesting turns come mid-season. I have no idea what American Dream Builders is, but it sounds like an uplifting reality show in the vein of Extreme Makeover, which isn’t a horrible way to kick-off the night, but pairing a sci-fi program (Believe) with a political thriller/mystery (Crisis) seems like a bit of mismatch. That said, ABC proved that two different genres could work well together on Sunday nights… at least that’s what NBC’s probably hoping for.


8-10p: The Voice


Initial Thoughts: There were some rumblings about NBC moving The Voice later into the week to crush X-Factor, but it looks like its staying put which makes the most sense. In a somewhat surprising move (but not really when you think about it), The Blacklist got the cushy lead-in, which will hopefully get some eyeballs on it although I’m wondering how Revolution will fare without spinning red chairs in front of it.

Tuesdays (fall)

8-9p: The Biggest Loser

9-10p: The Voice

10-11p: Chicago Fire

Tuesdays (mid-season)

8-9p: The Voice

9-9:30p: ABOUT A BOY

9:30-10p: FAMILY GUIDE

10-11p: Chicago Fire

Initial Thoughts: It’s clear that NBC needs The Voice to be a hit-maker, which is the only explination for why it’d be sandwiched in between The Biggest Loser and Chicago Fire. The latter was a very modest success for the Peacock, so I’m sure it wants to nurture it while it can. Then at mid-season, The Voice goes back to 8 to help out About a Boy and Family Guide (which should match up nicely).


8-9p: Revolution

9-10p: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

10-11p: IRONSIDE

Initial Thoughts: One of the biggest questions has to be whether or not Revolution can survive on its own. Honestly, I was sure NBC would have protected the post-apocalyptic drama for at least a half-season more, but instead it’s in a lead-off position in front of SVU (which tends to not do well at 9) and another remake of an old cop show (Ironside). Curious move.


8-8:30p: Parks and Recreation




10-11p: Parenthood

Initial Thoughts: Do you remember when NBC said it wanted to get out of the niche comedy business and go broader and we believed them? Suckers! I don’t quite get this decision because not only does Parks and Rec stick out, but then there’s a mult-cam sitcom smack dab in the middle of the entire night. It just doesn’t make sense to me, especially when a line-up consisting of The New NormalWelcome to the FamilyThe Michael J. Fox Show, and Go On seems like a no-brainer. I’ll give NBC some credit though; Parenthood to Thursday nights feels right.

Fridays (fall)

8-9p: Dateline NBC

9-10p: Grimm

10-11p: DRACULA

Fridays (mid-season)

8-9p: Dateline NBC

9-10p: Grimm


Initial Thoughts: Not much to see here besides the fact that NBC relegated the two genre shows it sent straight to series to Friday nights. I suppose back in the day, this move would’ve been a death knell, but Grimm‘s success on the night has proven that these kind of shows can be successful… when it’s facing lowered expectations.

Mid-Season: Chicago PDCommunityThe Night Shift, and Undateable.

I guess I should have expected NBC to go back to the drawing board after 2012-13 kind of floundered towards the end there, but I don’t know if it improved anything because banking on stars from the 80’s can only go so far. But NBC should also be commended for wiping the slate clean and trying different kinds of shows as well (sci-fi, fairy tales, vampires, and pirates all made the cut). Regardless, it should be funny watching what happens this time around.

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