Spoiler Forum: What Did You Think of IRON MAN 3?

It’s here, guys. It’s finally here! I’m talking about Summer Movie Season, which just got kicked in the pants by Iron Man 3‘s release in US theaters today. We’ve already shared a bit of our thoughts, so be sure to check out J.C. De Leon’s review here, but now it’s your turn to chime in! Feel free to bring in your comic book knowledge and how you think it compares, we want to hear it all.

This marks the first in a series of posts we’re going to do this summer. For the big summer releases, we’ll post a Spoiler Forum where our readers can chime in with their thoughts on the film as well, without worry of spoiling the film for other readers. If you’re here, you’ve already seen the movie or you don’t give a rat’s ass about spoilers. So comment away, Invaders!

Warning! Iron Man 3 spoilers follow, read at your own risk. 

What did you think of Iron Man 3 and all it’s twists and turns? There was a lot there, so let’s start to dig in.


The Mandarin

What did you think of the film’s villain? I thought Ben Kingsley was fantastic and the twist was truly inspired. His terrorist act was scary but when they revealed that he was a patsy, a drugged-out, failed actor that’s when the real action started. Once we knew just how close to the enemy everyone already was, it created a great sense of tension over what could happen next.

Shane Black’s Writing & Direction

This didn’t feel so much like a comic book movie, but it did feel very much like a Shane Black movie. It’s a testament to his writing that the subplot with the kid didn’t veer into precocious and annoying, and even joked about that when he tried to guilt trip Tony and Tony just threw his moves back at him.


Secondary Characters

This was the first Iron Man movie where I thought Pepper Potts and Rhodey were fully utilized. Happy even got a good scene and was crucial to the plot. Instead of just being background dressing, they were able to have solid scenes that actually had an impact on the movie instead of just being cheerleaders.

What did you think?

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