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RUN & JUMP – TFF 2013 Movie Review

Photo Credit: Karina Finegan. © 2013 Global Screen

© 2013 Global Screen
© 2013 Global Screen

TFF 2013
Germany, Ireland | Narrative | 2013
WORLD PREMIERE: April 20, 2013

GENRES: Comedy, Drama
RUNNING TIME: 102 min.

Maxine Peake, Edward MacLiam, Will Forte,
Sharon Horgan, Brendan Morris, Ciara Gallagher

Steph Green

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Academy Award® nominee Steph Green’s debut feature film deftly portrays one family’s struggle to find their new normal following the patriarch’s life-altering stroke.

To help pay the bills after her husband Conor’s (Edward MacLiam) stroke, Vanetia Casey (Maxine Peake) and her two children, Lenny (Brendan Morris) and Noni (Ciara Gallagher), open their home to Ted (Will Forte), an American research neuropsychologist whose next scholarly paper topic is Conor’s recovery process. Although Ted’s non-interventionist, 24/7 videotaping and standoffish nature initially allow him to keep the family at arm’s length, it’s not long before he becomes a de facto Casey. When family and friends start making comments, Vanetia—and Ted—face a new and unanticipated struggle: the prospect of keeping it all together after Ted leaves.

run & jump
Photo Credit: Karina Finegan. © 2013 Global Screen

On his first foray into the dramatic, Forte does not disappoint. Far from being hindered by his comedic prowess, Forte uses it to subtly enhance his character’s multi-layered personality. Forte and Peake play off each other nicely, occasionally trading humorous one-liners that simultaneously offset and augment the film’s psychodrama.

The unquestionably enchanting heroine of this tale, Peake hits notes on opposite ends of the emotional spectrum with deft facility. Her lonely and frustrated, but still devoted, ‘Vanetia’ is so easy to identify with that you can’t help but forgive her emotional improprieties and hope for her happiness.

Run & Jump strikes a delightful balance of drama, comedy, and romance. In its more dramatic moments, the film profoundly explores the delicate balance of family dynamics and pays homage to the reality that brain trauma does not only affect the person who suffers it. With its laugh-out-loud-funny dialogue, Run & Jump also entertains.

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