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QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE “Keep Your Eyes Peeled” – Music Video Review

Queens Of The Stone Age “Keep Your Eyes Peeled” – …Like Clockwork (2013)

A few days ago, a fifteen minute long video teasing a number of tracks for the new Queens Of The Stone Age album “…Like Clockwork” was set forth unto the world and invoked a bouncing excitement in me unseen since the last Tom Waits album was released. Now, there’s quite a selection of new music videos for the tracks that have been teased off the new album to pick from. All of them were directed by UK artist Boneface, who also designed the artwork for the new album. I have chosen to share with you today, the video for the track “Keep Your Eyes Peeled”. It’s a lovely mix of punching, blood and violence that blends together in a wonderful melange of dystopic animated goodness.

The video here, slightly reminiscent of the video for Gorillaz’ “Clint Eastwood”, begins with a slow driving beat and text on the screen that reads “A Man Walks Into A Bar”. The video opens on our half masked man punching a blue cartoon skull in the face. The skull explodes and bright blue-ish blood splatters free. He walks on and comes across the bar in question, “Prehab”. He enters the double doors and proceeds to engage all the ugly characters inside in a crazy bar fight. Our hero is doing pretty well until he’s ganged up on by a trio of giant red skulled individuals. Yet he survives. Covered in blood, he cocks his head and lights a cigarette.

And then…the scene evolves into a bizarre boss fight of sorts that involves a giant…uh…pig man. The video here reminded me that violent bar scene out of book one of Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower”, for some reason. Am I alone here in thinking this? I mean, the whole video definitely invokes an otherworldly dystopia. And sure, our hero is no Gunslinger or anything but still…

I digress.

Every track released so far as part of the campaign for “…Like Clockwork” are worth a listen, especially if you’re a QOTSA fan. It’s also definitely worth mentioning that Josh Homme and company are featuring some great guest artists including the likes of Elton John, Dave Grohl, Trent Reznor, James Lavelle and more!

Queens Of The Stone Age’s sixth studio album “…Like Clockwork” is set to drop on June 4th. The album is currently available on iTunes for pre-order if you’re into that sort of thing.

Now, enough talking! Watch this damn video!

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