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MARON, “Marc’s Dad” Episode Recap

“My parents are very selfish, and I have to thank them because I’m selfish enough to not have children.”

Early in last week’s episode, we saw Marc revert back to a more childlike self during a phone call with his gossip-driven, self-involved mother, and later he confided with his intern Kyle how he still has unresolved daddy issues stemming from the odd relationship with his estranged father, and in the appropriately titled “Marc’s Dad,” Maron addresses this issue face-to-face when Larry Maron shows up on Marc’s doorstep.

The character is portrayed by comedy veteran Judd Hirsch, and the real-life Marc has admitted that he was worried that the actor would come across as too charming and charismatic to play his manic-depressive father, but those worries are squashed very early on as the former Dr. Maron is nothing short of a capital-A asshole.

Marc's Dad

First Marc receives several boxes from his dad filled with black-market vitamins (his aim is to sell “Maron’s Mix” illegally now that his medical license has been revoked for unknown reasons), and while Marc’s concerned, he’s not exactly surprised. His dad has pulled this kind of scheme in the past while trying to suck Marc and his brother into his business. But the real shock to Marc is when Larry shows up at his doorstep to try and convince him to join in on the venture after the two have not spoken in years.

Naturally, Larry’s presence brings out the worst in Marc, and the two have it out a couple of times in Larry’s RV parked outside of Marc’s house. The fact that Marc left his house on two different occasions to address Larry’s obnoxious honking (“I got this” he tells his neighbors both times) didn’t come across as funny as it probably did on the page, but nonetheless, Marc giving his dad a piece of his mind was Maron at its best. All of his pent up anger and aggression about his dad’s self-involvement, frivolous spending, lack of foresight, and infidelity comes out in perhaps Marc’s best individual achievement as an actor to date.

As we have learned, Marc has had an uphill climb from the very start considering the way his parents behave, and even though plenty of Larry has rubbed off on him over the years, despite what he’s been told over an over again, he has the emotion capacity and natural ability to empathize that will always distinguish himself as nothing at all like his father. He’s learned to parent himself for all these years, and even though he’s far from perfect, at least he can take solace in the fact that he’ll never be as terrible as his dad.

Other Thoughts

– The B-story involved the inability for Marc’s manager to take him and his podcast seriously, but after rising to No. 8 on the iTunes Podcast chart and landing a sponsorship all on his own (vibrators, ass plugs, stuff like that), he promptly fires the tacky-suit-wearing cheese ball to make his operation a completely independent venture.

– The manager also represents comedian Pete Holmes, who mockingly suggests Marc join his writing staff: “Stop it, that’s not even a real laugh!”

– “You’ll never make a lot of money until you make someone else a lot of money. It’s easy to maintain your integrity when no one is offering to buy it out.”

– Marc on his dad possibly making his own vitamins in an RV: “Who are you, Walter White?”

– Marc’s dad being ruthless: “Tell it to your shrink or those babies at A.A.”

– Marc’s buddy Andy Kindler spends much of the episode at the house as the two are trying to make it to the gym: “We’ll do it all today so we never have to go back.” Turns out Andy’s perfectly fine with never going back to the gym since Marc is so emotionally exhausting.

– This week in the garage, Jeff Garlin, who humors Marc’s dad by taking the vitamins only to get sick seconds later. Don’t worry, he’s a pro. He threw up, came back, and gave Marc 45 minutes.

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