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Kickstarter Your Monday: A.N.N.E., AMONG THE SLEEP, CHASM, and more…

Hello, fellow Invaders! Good morning! How you doing, buddy?! Did you have a good weekend? Did you sleep in, go to a BBQ, see Iron Man 3? The answer is no, you didn’t have a good weekend, because you didn’t take a look at these games on Kickstarter. Many of them need monies, but some of them you just need to know about. What kind of video game journalist would I be if I didn’t tell you unequivocally what you should be interested in?! A pretty good one, actually. I’m bad at this.

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Developer: Gamebymo

Style: Metroidvania pixelart shoot-em-up

This one caught my eye a while ago but I didn’t have a chance to fully look into it. Remember the NES game Blaster Master? Reminds me of that amazingness mixed with some Gradius, Cave Story, and Super Metroid in a delicious retro soup. There’s also a side garnish of RPG. That means numbers!

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Among the Sleep

Developer: Krillbite Studios

Style: First Person Exploration/Horror

I already told you about this one. You play as a toddler. It’s scary. The studio is staffed by an adorable pack of Norse miniature reindeer powered by Cthulhu.

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Rawbots: Multiplayer Sandbox

Developer: Alex Rozgo

Style: Multiplayer Sandbox Robots

This one does what it says on the tin. You built your robots, program them, fight them to the death for your amusement. It’s like what Wall Street would do if they could build poor people from scratch.

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Welcome to Boon Hill

Developer: Matthew Ritter

Style: Simulation

A graveyard simulator. A morbid, somber little ditty about gravestones and epitaphs. Donate enough cash and you could write your own epitaph. Or you could just die IRL. I don’t know, whatever.


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Developer: Team SiSSYFiGHT

Style: Social interaction/strategy

Some of you pups from way back in the day may remember SiSSYFiGHT 2000, one of the first free multiplayer games on the web. It’s been offline for a while, and it’s back with a catty vengeance. It’s like Mean Girls meets Street Fighter, except you fight with backstabbing words, alliances with enemies, and deviousness. Indulge your inner brat.


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Developer: Discord Games

Style: Metroidvania Platformer

I know, I already have a Metroidvania game on here. This one has a totally different setting and feel, with an amazing soundtrack and YOU SHUT UP.

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Developer: Radiant Entertainment

Style: RTS/God Game

Populus meets Minecraft meets Age of Empires. Hey, this one looks pretty neato, with a big focus on modability. They’re looking at a large online multiplayer community, so I look forward to giant penis and vagina monsters invading my vegan gluten-free commune.


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Don’t say I never did nothing for you! All of these games are currently available to support on Kickstarter.

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