Kickstart This: Lana, This is Infamous, Escape from Kurt Russell

It’s been a while since I’ve highlighted some quality Kickstarter projects and it’s high time I get back in to the swing of things! This week, there are bunch of great projects covering short film work, video games, and even a new online project and they could all use some help. Check out the projects below and please donate to any you think are worthy. We’re all about supporting indie project creators. It’s the little guy who often comes up with the best, most different ideas and they need our help to fully realize their dreams.


Lana Short Film

LANA – Official Trailer from Tuan Quoc Le on Vimeo.
Lana” is the story of a young woman who returns home following the death of her brother. Through the help of her brother’s friend, she is able to reconnect with the town that she came from and come to terms with her brother’s death. “Lana” is about coping and how sometimes all you need to heal is knowing that you’re not alone.

Help this film get seen, donate here:


This is Infamous Website

When the Infamous Billy the Kidd was unceremoniously let go from Ain’t It Cool News through a Facebook message, he took this as an opportunity to pursue creating his own slice of the web with ThisIsInfamous.com. He’ll take his brand of brutal honesty and create a space where he and fellow contributors can talk the real and gritty truth about all things movie and geek.

If this sounds like a site you’d visit on the daily, throw a few bucks their way here:

Escape from Kurt Russell Short Film

This short film would be an homage that plays off 80’s comedies where the leads are best friends but also rivals – frenemies, if you will. Here’s how the creators describe the story:

Two guys run a video store together, both of them believe they are Kurt Russell characters, and that their store is the last stand against a sinister conspiracy to eliminate VHS Video Tape, and the movies they love from existence. They share an all-consuming obsession, and use it as a shield against the world. But what happens when someone from that outside world starts to crack open their tough plastic exterior, and sees what’s on the tape inside?

If that sounds like your kind of film, donate here:


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