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HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER “Something Old” Episode Recap

I’m going to save you guys the “what are they doing on How I Met Your Mother with bringing Ted and Robin back up again” speech. You’ve heard it already. If you haven’t said it yourself, you’ve certainly heard me say it plenty of times. I’m going to choose to brush it to the side. It’s a non-issue for me, and I think it’s one last attempt to pull in the Ted-Robin Twihards. Is there a name for those fans?

Last night’s episode opens with a Robin (Cobie Smulders) flashback to her first trip to New York with her father. In the day dream, she buries a locket in the ground of a park, and says when she comes back, she’s going to marry a rich successful business man, dig this up, and wear it at her wedding as her “something old”. Flash to the present, and she’s there with her father, who quickly leaves to play laser tag with Barney (Neil Patrick Harris), or B-dog as he calls him.


Marshall (Jason Segal) and Lily (Alyson Hannigan) are having trouble packing for their year long trip to Italy. They decide to bring in the master packer, Ted (Josh Radnor), who tells them what to goes to Italy, and what goes to the triangle, of course a reference to the place outside their place where everything disappears, as mentioned in a previous episode. Side note: the creators are putting in alottttt of past episode references recently. They are doing it too much now though. A few here and there is great for your audience. No show did that better then Arrested Development (yeah…I’m psyched), and How I Met Your Mother is trying too hard in that department. But I digress.

The move turns into Ted convincing Marshall and Lily to keep everything that will remind them of him, epitomized when he says that a ten year old bean bag chair with a hole, covered in beer, needs to go to Italy. There are a few scenes of them going back and forth. It’s boring. They ultimately decide to take it, and he tells them to throw it out. This is just filler leading up to the final part of the episode.

Something Old

Robin slowly realizes how similar Barney and her father are in regards to their emotional emptiness and ultimate rejection of her when she needs them. She calls Ted with the same problem, and he comes right to help, even though he has a huge work meeting, because, well, he’s Ted. Robin confesses to Ted that she might not be able to marry Barney after she finally finds her box, only to realize that the locket inside has been stolen. She takes it as a sign shes not supposed to marry him, and Ted, the believer in all things signs, says there are none, and convinces her to marry him. He doesn’t confess his love. He’s fully over her. Ted needed that moment of “giving up on love” since he is so close to it, as we know.

They end with Robin holding Ted’s hand like it means something. We know it doesn’t. He is meeting the mom next week. As I’ve said all year, Ted will storm out of the wedding at some point, and will recognize the mom at the train station, in what will be the last shot of the season. Can’t wait for it to be over, so that we can enjoy the final scene with the mom, and no longer do these repetitive plot circles.

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