Film Club – Episode 22: Hoop Dreams

Episode 23 see’s us introduce our first documentary and what a doc to break us in. Hoop Dreams (IMDB) is widely considered a bonafide classic in the genre and an example of how encompassing natural, real world story telling can be. It follows two hopeful prospects from the inner city of Chicago pursuing their dreams of playing basketball. But you dont have to know or even remotely like the sport to get something from Hoop Dreams. A multi functional story that takes on board so much and delivers twice as much as it unravels.


Listen to Episode 22 – Hoop Dreams:




We havent had a war film in our collection yet, so I just had to use my next pick to add one of the quintessential war (although its not really a war film, more an anti-war film) film. Full Metal Jacket. If you’ve seen it before I dont need to say anymore, if you havent then all I will say is go much ASAP maggot or I’ll send you down the hole for two weeks manual labour!!!


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