Screen Invasion’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide For Geeky Moms

So you’re one of the lucky ones who has a cool, geeky mom that’s in to pop culture and movies? Congratulations! Shopping for geeky moms is easy, right? WRONG. They have all the standard geek stuff already since they’ve got a couple decades on you (or more) to nab up those collectibles. Here are some unique gifts that your mom probably doesn’t have already.

Computer Board Earrings

For the computer savvy moms who build their own computers and never need to call IT.

Geeky Moms


Robot Earrings

Geeky Moms Robot Earrings


HTML Code Earrings

If your mom spends her down time building websites and apps, she’ll get a kick out of these HTML code earrings.



Nintendo Piranha Plant Phone Charm

If old school gaming is her more her style, this classic Nintendo Piranha plant would look perfect dangling from her iPhone or Android. If your mom is not really in to phone charms, but knows Mario and Luigi well, then be sure to check out the rest of the items in this Etsy shop.



Dr. Who TARDIS Necklace

This is my favorite piece in this list and I don’t even watch Doctor Who. It’s just a beautiful piece of jewelry that would blend in with more serious outfits before passerbys noticed the TARDIS in the center.



Periodic Element T-Shirt

For the casual science-focused mom, she’ll be sure to love this t-shirt. Since I’m not much into science myself, I’m just going to assume the elements included serve a double meaning, not only spelling out “mother” but also being 3 of the most awesome elements out there. Don’t correct me if I’m wrong, I’m just going to run with this.


The Hunger Games Signal Candle

I may need to add this to my home. Not only is a cool candle fixture on it’s own, but it also throws the Mockingjay shadow on your wall like a Hunger Games bat signal. How cool is that!?



Feel free to share your geeky gift ideas for Mother’s Day in the comments!

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