Francesco Francavilla Brings Batsploitation to the Masses with BATMAN 1972 Art

Over the past few weeks on his Pulp Sunday blog, comics artist extraordinaire Francesco Francavilla has been imagining the alternate adventures of Batman as a leather-clad detective circa 1972. Have you ever wanted to see the Dark Knight hunched over a corpse, cigarette hanging out of his mouth? The Riddler in his very best pimp coat? A Catwoman who sports an afro and almost demands to be played by Pam Grier? Well, boys and girls, Francavilla delivers on all those counts and more in one of the coolest takes on the Caped Crusader and his world in years. You can almost hear “Freddie’s Dead” playing in the background. Ball’s in your court, DC.

Below are a few of Francesco Francavilla’s funky illustrations. For the rest, check out his Tumblr.

batman19724-Francesco Francavilla batman19723 batman19722

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