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DISUNION: Oculus Rift Devs Simulate Guillotine

Who thinks up this stuff? Erkki Trummal, André Berlemont, Morten Brunbjerg: that’s who. They’ve used their $300 Oculus Rift development kit to create a short experience called Disunion that simulates being decapitated. Oh, the wonders of the modern age. It’s not just for blowing the minds of your 90 year old grandma. Now you can have your head cut off in stereoscopic, head-tracked 3D! The Oculus Rift has a great deal of potential for non-gaming purposes, but this application mystifies the fuck out of me. What’s next? A circumcision simulator? First person birth? An interactive, immersive experience of shooting up heroin in a bus stop?


Watch the Disunion: Oculus Rift Video Below:

 Perhaps I’m being too harsh on the young lads. I can’t complain of a criminal lack of innovation in gaming and then immediately turn my nose up at something way out there like this. Well, this isn’t just “out there”. This is beyond the fucking pale, but imagine this sequence in an FPS. It would make the Quake 4 Stroggification scene look like Sunday School.

(Via Gameranx)

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