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DAVID BOWIE “The Next Day” – Music Video Review

DAVID BOWIE “The Next Day” – The Next Day (2013)

David Bowie has never been one to shy away from the controversial and the bizarre. At 66 years of age, it looks like the man hasn’t lost his touch. And if you have yet to see the music video he released for The Stars (Are Out Tonight), stop what you are doing and click that link right now!

Now, that last video he released pretty much blew my mind. But the video he just released for “The Next Day” is just full of all sorts of win. And unless you’re anything like the former Archbishop of Canterbury (who called the video juvenile), you’ll agree with me.

We open on what looks to be a cross between a church and a whore house. Mr. Bowie plays a Christ-like figure in the video, which co-stars Gary Oldman as a brash priest and Marion Cotillard as a prostitute-like figure. Oldman’s priest notices the French hooker and immediately starts sniffing around her before they saunter their way to the dancefloor. They dance together, Cotillard moving sensually until she drops to her knees.

And while other random scantily clad types, along with an older priest dude who continually whips himself, share the dance floor in this tiny club, the hooker on her knees begins to gush blood from the palms of her hands. Stigmata! Oldman’s priest shouts at Jesus Bowie Christ, “You see this? This is your doing! You call yourself a prophet?”. Blood sprays every where and Cotillard collapses in a pool of it. But then, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the prostitute is reborn. Looking all innocent and pure, she now wears a floral garland and silently weeps.

Directed by Floria Sigismondi, who recently directed Justin Timberlake’s recent Mirrors as well as Bowie’s previous music video for The Stars (Are Out Tonight), the concept here was conceived by the Mr. Bowie himself.

The controversial video premiered May 8th on Youtube and was quickly pulled for violating their terms of service. Thankfully, freedom of speech has prevailed and the video is once again available for viewing. “The Next Day” is a mockery of religious imagery and, obviously, that’s why I love it. If you’re offended by such things, maybe you should take the time to watch it as sometimes it can be good for one’s health to get angry.

The video for “The Next Day” ends with Bowie saying,”Thank you Marion, thank you Gary, thank you everybody,” before vanishing into thin air.

No, Mr. Bowie. Thank you!

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