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DAFT PUNK “Prime Time Of Your Life” – Music Video Review

DAFT PUNK “Prime Time Of Your Life” – Human After All (2005)

In the past week, Daft Punk reminded everyone about iTunes‘ existence as throngs of people flocked to their music store just to listen to Random Access Memories before it drops on May 21st. Since this will probably be the album of the summer and has brought the voice of Giorgio Moroder back into our collective consciousness, I figured now is the perfect time to take a trip back and showcase a Daft Punk video that is neither disco laden, or happy for that matter.

The low budget and slightly creepy music video for “Prime Time Of Your Life” is directed by Tony Gardner. At the start of the video, we see a swiveling skull, only to be revealed as its reflection in the eye of the young girl who is the focal point of the story. As soon as she blinks, we realize she is watching TV and the various programs are featuring skeletons as living characters. Daft Punk even make an appearance as all bones during a news station interview.

After a moment of being glued to the TV from her bed, she walks over to her dresser to view some photos that look to signify happier moments in her life. Everyone appears as skeletons except the young girl who appears to be overweight. From there, she heads into the bathroom and stares into her reflection. Behind her is a poster of Britney Spears as a skeleton. After a pensive and depressing look in the mirror, she pulls a razor blade out of the bathroom drawer.

Without much hesitation, she slits the palm of her hand. The lack of blood is soon followed by her other hand pulling the skin off, revealing a newer skinless hand. And then she slits her forhead, cheeks and chin, thusly removing the skin from her head. She stares at her reflection, completely skinless from the torso up, and then understandably passes out.

Enter the girl’s parents. We never see their faces but they do not appear as skeletons. We are then shown the photos on the dresser once again but this time everyone looks normal. We also see the image of the girl is different than before as she is no longer overweight in the snapshot. As the video comes to a close, we’re shown one final shot of two skeletons playing jumprope and the girl waving as she moves to join in.

The French duo seems to be touching on the concept that different forms of media (including their own) are helping the “bad body image” perspective most young girls in our society battle with. With it’s 1980s VHS feel, the video further gives the air that it’s parodying an “After School Special” of sorts. In my opinion, this is one of their more thought provoking, overlooked and creepy music videos.

After this Public Service Announcement, let’s rejoice that Random Access Memories will be here for all to enjoy on Tuesday May 21st. And with it….the return of Disco???

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