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“Before there was punk, there was A Band Called Death”, a 1970’s Detroit punk band formed by three African American teenage brothers- David, Bobby and Dannis Hackney. They are now getting the recognition they deserve, including being known as the first black punk band. In this brilliant documentary, directed by Mark Covino and Jeff Howlett, we are taken on a riveting journey documenting this trios new found popularity after having a rough start to their career. People hated their band name, didn’t take them seriously because they were three African American brothers, and their record wouldn’t get played.They broke up in 1977, but once their demo tapes resurfaced and gained major attention, like being included in Drag City in 2009, they got the recognition they deserved as true rock pioneers. The film has a mixture of concert clips, interviews (including Henry Rollins, Kid Rock, and Questlove) and awesome past footage. Throughout the film you’ll be taken on a hell of a ride into the lives of these amazing brothers who changed the rock world. You’ll laugh, smile, cry and be happy at the fact that they became respected. Sadly, David Hackney  was battling problems and passed away in 2000 of lung cancer, the other brothers Bobby and Dannis to this day reside in Vermont and lead the great reggae band Lambsbread.


After watching this documentary, I feel like I can take over the world. Doing what I think is right and sticking with what I want to do and not falling for other people harsh opinions. These brothers refused to let people change their image. They wanted the name Death for their band and wanted to make whatever music they wanted too. Always do you, and don’t let peoples negative opinions influence your life.

A Band Called Death is one of the best music documentaries I’ve seen in a long time. A film everyone needs to see. It’s available on VOD and digital download on May 24th and out in theaters on June 28th, please do yourself a wonderful favor and check out this great documentary.

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You can follow the film’s twitter page: @bandcalleddeath and follow the band themselves: @WorldWide_DEATH

You can follow the films directors at their twitter pages: @markcovino and @howlermano.

Check out the films website here.

Check out Lambsbread’s website.


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