5 MAN OF STEEL GIFs That Show This Should Be the Best Superman Yet

The other day my friends and I were exchanging an email chain that started out talking about desserts but ended up about Man of Steel GIFs. You know, as these things tend to do. In this email chain, everyone wanted to see Man of Steel and was talking about the various reasons why – great lead, a Christopher Nolan feel that’s way better than the Zack Snyder direction that was expected, the intense villain General Zod inhabited by Michael Shannon, and of course – the charismatic and attractive lead Henry Cavill. My friend Charlotte West then took it a step further and created these great Man of Steel gifs to illustrate why she’s looking forward to this telling of Superman more than any version prior.

5 Man of Steel GIFs that prove this could be the best Superman yet:

1. This face:

Man of Steel gifs


2. He’s developed better fashion sense:

Man of Steel gifs

3. The flying seems more intense and less hokey:

Man of Steel gifs

4. This Superman is humble enough to hitchhike:

Man of Steel gifs

5. And he even looks great with a scruffy beard:

Man of Steel beard


Do you think this Superman will top Richard Donner’s classic film?

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