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17 Minutes of Krieg: Borderlands 2’s New Vault Hunter

Borderlands 2 is not above experimenting with new ideas. Besides combining the RPG, MMO, and FPS into some mutant baby hybrid, they allow their worlds to expand in interesting ways. The newest Vault Hunter, the reformed Psycho Krieg, is Borderlands 2‘s newest addition to the family. He’s a melee heavy, high risk, high reward character packing a gigantic chainsaw axe. I’m a fan.

IGN recently sat down with lead writer Anthony Burch and went through Krieg’s bizarro skill tree and gameplay style.

(via IGN)

This character reminds me of the Vanguard from Mass Effect. Get close and do some serious damage, always running the risk of being downed or making a crucial mistake. It’s a welcome change from most medium to long range characters like the Commando’s/Assassin’s more calculated attacks. Sometimes you just want to hit things with a buzzaxe and set them on fire. Am I wrong? If I am, I don’t want to be right.

Someday, in a dingy basement, I’ll be sitting around a circle of chairs, surrounded by grungy, unwashed gamers, all talking about how I lost hundreds of hours of my life, my gal, my cats, some teeth, and an overall sense of personal dignity to Borderlands 2. This is a game that has possibly perfected grindy repetition and somehow made it… fun. That’s worthy of a Nobel Prize in Useless Sciences.


Krieg will be an unlockable character for Borderlands 2 available May 14 for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. The DLC will cost $10, or the equivalent in Microsoft Fake Annoying Monies. Oh, it’s not included in the Season Pass, which you shouldn’t have bought anyway (for THIS. SAME. GODDAMN. REASON).

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