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So basically the Internet has everything now. You can order an anatomically correct human doll, purchase stocks, yell curse words at strangers, send an email to your nana, meet someone new, and learn fun information. I lied. The internet is actually a repository for cat pictures and people who like to talk about video games, with a liberal bucketful of pornography splashed all over it.

Eventually when human civilization wipes itself out, it’ll be due to North Korea waggling its dick at the world, or when we finally look at our suburban sprawl, oil-drenched, corporate-run Wal-Mart existence and decide to nuke our genitals to oblivion. Space aliens will descend upon us and sift through our ashes and find strange artifacts of our existence. At least 1 server will still exist and will still have power, and that lone ambassador of the greatness of our decline will be Video Game Toilets by journalist Andy Kelly. This is a Tumblr account dedicated to documenting every. single. toilet. in. video. games.

God help us all. It’s amazing.

video game toilets
Always wear heels, ladies!
video game toilets
Toiletman: Absolution
video game toilets
Batman: Arkham Restroom
video game toilets
video game toilets
Jonathan Blow’s next game will be you staring into a swirling flush. Forever.

You can peruse the disturbingly extensive collection over at Video Game Toilets or yell at Andy Kelly on his Twitters.

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