TRACK LIFE: Trampy (Feat. Danny Brown) – “#ExpressYourself”

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Welcome to Track Lifea daily column in which Jacob Knight shares what he thinks to be the best in music, both new and old.

I firmly believe Danny Brown is the best rapper spitting today. Between his unorthodox, ever changing flow and nasally, grating voice, he’s delivering rhymes unlike any we’ve ever heard before. And his multiple personalities that can emerge at any moment (compare this track to something like XXX‘s “Scrap or Die“), show that he doesn’t just rap, but adapts to whatever beat his golden ear receives. It’s a chameleonic quality most in his field can only dream of achieving.

Citing Diplo’s recent “#Express Yourself” tweets as a direct influence, the track bears zero kinship with the Madonna song, the N.W.A. song, or the Charles Wright song of the same title. It’s a banger for the ladies out there just looking to get as freaky as possible, showcasing Brown relentlessly spitting bar after bar. All of the rapper’s trademarks are here (jokes about cunnilingus, dicks, various deviant sex acts) and, just when he’s about to outstay his welcome, producer Trampy kills the beat and the dance floor goes dark. It’s a great precursor to his upcoming LP, Old, and just further proof that when Danny wants to go hard, he will, showing almost every other rapper up in the process.

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Jacob Knight

Jacob Knight is a screenwriter, novelist and journalist from Slotter, Mass. He is most times fueled by scotch, horror films and the Criterion Collection. He currently resides in Philadelphia, PA with his wife and cantankerous Westie pup.