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In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new Daft Punk album coming in a couple of weeks, and at 12:01 AM, the two French robots dropped the very first single from their forthcoming Random Access Memories

Featuring Pharrell Williams on vocals, “Get Lucky” is a breezy bit of disco, complete with sunny Niles Rodgers guitar and muted drums, sounding as if its been sent here straight from 1978. This seems fitting, as the record sports guest spots from Italian dance god turned ’80s soundtrack maven, Giorgio Moroder, and Phantom of the Paradise musical mastermind Paul Williams. But the strange part about “Get Lucky” (for the first two minutes at least), is that Pharrell seems be the star…until the vocoder vocals chime in around 2:22 and you remember that you are, indeed, listening to a Daft Punk track.

“Get Lucky” definitely sounds more in line with Discovery than it does with Homework or Human After All. There’s a solid chunk of nostalgia thrown in, and the instrumentation sounds more “live” than anything the duo has ever done. It’s actually sort of jarring, as while the single is certainly “dance music”, there’s very little of DP’s signature heavy bass and electronic sound. This is exciting; not only is there a new Daft Punk album on the way, but the first track hints at the band giving us something we’ve never really heard from them before.

May 21 seriously can’t get here soon enough.

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