TRACK LIFE: Cold Cave – “God Made the World”

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Welcome to Track Lifea daily column in which Jacob Knight shares what he thinks to be the best in music, both new and old.

“At least in dying you don’t have to deal with new wave for a second time.”

When Craig Finn sang these words, I doubt he had bands like Cold Cave in mind (though maybe he’s just being a dick and dismissing an entire genre, I don’t know). But even if he truly hates the gothic synth pop Wesley Eisold and his band have proven themselves to be masters of, I have to believe that he would listen to a track like “God Made the World” and say something along the lines of “OK…all except for that“.

Announced as a new single-song 7”, the track came complete with its own Tumblr post that stated Eislold was happy making music alone for the time being (translation: he’s done with Matador and every other label out there). “For now,” he wrote, “know my heart is extended to you whom I do this for.”

While the statement does come off kind of corny, there’s something just as endearing about the singer’s sentiment as there is about Finn’s tragic tales chronicling the wayward youth of America. And “God Made the World” is an appropriately melancholy preaching of endearment to accompany his awkwardly open proclamation. While most have come to know Cold Cave for their moody, industrial crunch and black leather bravado, the guitars and pulsing beat  of “God” are pulled straight from a dusty ’80s record rack. “God made the world, but I made this song,” he sings, adding “for you” after every third repeated line, and when combined with the revealing bit of social media, it sounds like the ex-punk might just be sincere in wanting to reach out and touch all those who find comfort in his wispy voice.

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Jacob Knight

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