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Top 5 Movies I’m Looking Forward To At Tribeca Film Festival

I’m very excited to be heading to Tribeca Film Festival later this week. I’ve never been to a film fest like this before, as most of my movie pop culture convention experience has happened at Comic Con. However, Tribeca is one of the big shot film festivals, and I can’t wait to see what it has in store for me and my wife. I’m hoping to see around 8-10 movies while I’m there, and in no particular order, these are some of the ones I’m most excited for.

1. What Richard Did– The first film on my list is one that was released in Ireland last year. It’s on my list for the fact that it’s mostly shrouded in mystery for me, but what little I know about it makes me interested.  It’s a group of teenagers who are spending their last big summer blowout together, when “jealousy leads to a senseless act.” I’m intrigued.

2. Lenny Cooke– Some of you may know this name. Some of you may not. Lenny Cooke was a new york street ball legend destined for the NBA. Many have claimed that in his prime, Cooke was the best player ever. Better then Lebron. Some say even better then Jordan. I’m not so sure about that, but we will never know as Cooke’s career never panned out, going undrafted in 2002. This movie is a documentary on the life of Cooke, and I’m looking forward to learning more about this legend that fell far short of his potential. Look for a review of the film on!

3. Frankenstein’s Army– I mean, do I even need to describe why I’m excited for this one. Look at the title! And yes, it’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like.

4. Mr. Jones- This is a horror movie that again I don’t want to look into too much, as the initial description intrigued me.  It sounds like another hand held, found footage horror movie, but there’s a bit of a difference with this one. Two film makers looking for inspiration move to a desolate area and discover that there is something off with their neighbor Mr. Jones. When they break in and investigate, they get much more then they bargained for!

5. Run and Jump- Will Forte: dramatic actor. Did you ever think you would hear that? Yes the man who brought us MacGruber is giving his shot at a dramatic film at Tribeca, and of course, I’m interested. I love Forte, and I’m very curious to see how he tackles this role, as he is usually a silly, outgoing, comedic actor.  Forte suffers a stroke and her wife is put in a tough position to step up in her family, all the while they are beng documented on their recovery process.

These are the movies that I’m looking forward to seeing. What are you excited to see? Let us know in the comments!

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