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Thirsty Thursdays: MAD MEN Drinking Game

In prep for the Mad Men Season 6 premiere this Sunday, I’ve been rewatching Season 5 and falling in love with all over again. You can refresh your memory with our episode recaps here. Take a page out of Don Draper and Roger Sterling’s book and grab a fine aged scotch, grab these drinking game rules, and enjoy the season premiere in style.

Print out these Mad Men drinking game rules courtesy of our friends at Drinking Cinema:


The Mad Men Drinking Game Rules


Drink whenever:

  • Someone takes a drink.
  • Someone lights a cigarette. Please, please don’t do this. Just because you’re wearing a skinny tie and Brylcreem doesn’t mean you should smoke unfiltered Lucky Strikes.
  • You see Knoll furniture. Let me tell you, if we worked on the set of Mad Men, shit would go missing ALL the time. And it would be very obvious from our well-furnished apartment who took it. And we would be immediately arrested.
  • There is obvious sexism and/or racism. For example, [cough cough] Roger Sterling in an impromptu minstrel show. Yiiiiiiikes. Thank God for Season 5 and equal opportunity employment.
  • You witness someone’s naked ambition. Interpret that as you will!
  • There is a new ad pitch. Double drink if the idea goes down in flames — or, alternatively, double drink if it’s a success!
  • Roger Sterling cracks a joke. They give him all the good lines. Conversely, they give Don Draper all the good looks.
  • Don Draper stares at someone in disgust. You’ll know this look when you see it. Mouth half open in an amused grimace, brow furrowed, head pulled back slightly, and not WORD ONE.
  • You see mid-century underwear (e.g., bras, boxers, pantyhose garters). Mid-century undergarments are just cruel and possibly designed by a Christian from the Spanish Inquisition.

Bonus drinks:

  • Drink whenever Joanie is way too good to have to put up with this bullshit.
  • Drink whenever Megan excels at something easily.
  • Drink whenever Sally shows signs of growing up – dating, makeup, and teenage behavior!


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