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Super Mario Crossover 3.0 Trailer Unveiled

Exploding Rabbit don’t get enough love. They’re the scamps responsible for the mashup Flash game Super Mario Crossover, where you can play as various characters in classic Super Mario levels. It’s a weird concept and plays surprisingly well. The game’s been out since 2010 and seen different updates, and on the 3rd anniversary of the game’s release, Exploding Rabbit has released a trailer for the 3rd edition of the super-smashup bros title:


What this type of game shows me is the similarity between the good design concepts of games, like how Castlevania and Mario‘s level design merge in interesting ways. Like how Sophia would be able to more easily avoid Medusa heads or Mega Man sliding under bricks designed for a small Mario.

However, not having levels specifically designed for certain characters does break the game’s separate design in specific ways. For example, if I can just pick the Contra guy and destroy all my non-gun-toting pedestrian enemies to bits, how does that improve my game experience? And is it just me, or does double-jumping Simon Belmont seem just wrong? Castlevania was a masterpiece of level design based upon the fact Simon Belmont had a dedicated jump arc and a weapon with limited range. Having enemies that don’t play to those weaknesses makes the game easily breakable. But I have a sneaking suspicion that wanting to play as Quick Man or Alex from River City Ransom and braining Hammer Bros may negate any of these concerns. I also approve of the idea of a robot in a parka fighting a Grim Reaper with snowballs.

The original Super Mario Crossover can be played here. Super Mario Crossover 3 is not yet released, but expect regular updates on their site. Exploding Rabbit is also working on an original IP, titled Super Retro Squad, most likely in the same vein.

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