SOUTH PARK March Madness: Finals!

A month ago we set out on a task. A task to find the best South Park Episode. Our writers picked out 64 of the best episodes in the show’s history, and then got it down to 32. From there, you guys have taken over, and thanks to your votes, we have our final two. It’s the matchup I thought we would have from the moment I saw how the fans voted in the round of 32: “Scott Tenorman Must Die” vs. “Make Love Not Warcraft”.

These two episodes are iconic to the show. They were both game changers for South Park, but for different reasons. Scott Tenorman showed the world how far Matt Stone and Trey Parker were willing to go, with one of the most twisted, yet hilarious, endings to any South Park or show on TV for that matter. On the other hand, Make Love Not Warcraft showed that South Park could reach a totally different audience, while also revolutionizing the way a story could be told on the show. In fact, it could be told in a different world, and this episode was the predecessor for innovative episodes like Imaginationland and Go God Go. Let’s dive a bit deeper.


Why Scott Tenorman Should Win: This episode was a lock for a #1 seed, and as of yet, it has not faced an episode worthy of coming close, either in the writer’s minds, or that of the fans. And why should it have any competition? The level of extreme that this episode goes to was unseen on TV, and it truly showed us that South Park had no limits. Outside of the ridiculous ending, you have Cartman being made a fool of, which is always great, including buying Scott Tenorman’s pubes from him. Originality is something that is hard to find when it comes to TV, especially with comedy. South Park spelled it out in their episode “The Simpsons Already Did It”, yet the Simpons never did this. They never could, and that’s why we love South Park. Because they aren’t afraid to go there.  Speaking of going there….

south park warcraft

Why Make Love Not Warcraft Should Win: I’ve said this many times to my friends before when discussing South Park. I’m of the belief that the show is divided into two sections. The first half of the series was based on innovative, random, off the top of your head humor. This type of humor made for classic episode after classic episode, including some of my favorites: Cancelled, It Hits the Fan, and the Entity come to mind. The second half of the show is based in pop culture influenced humor, where the jokes are mainly derived from panning celebrities and everyday products. This had already started before Make Love Not Warcraft, some episodes including Trapped in the Closet and Biggest Douche in the Universe (John Edwards). However, this episode did it in a way we never thought possible: by telling us a story, inside the World of Warcraft (Inception!). Bottom line, this episode perfectly weaved the originality  of the first half of the show, while nailing the pop culture based humor that is prevalent towards the second half. An instant classic, this episode has earned it’s spot in the finals.

You guys know the drill now! It’s up to you to decide what episode is the best South Park of all time! All you have to do is vote on the poll on our official facebook page. Click here to vote!

What do you think of the Finals? If it were up to you, what would have made the finals? Let us know in the comments!

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