Music Monday: “It’s Around You” by ANR (Awesome New Republic)

Every Monday, we highlight one song that you may not have heard of, may not have heard in ages, or one that we just can’t seem to get out of our heads. Enjoy!

This week’s pick comes courtesy of my friend Crumpled Notes. We were chatting about So You Think You Can Dance and she mentioned how this track could make for a great routine and I must say I agree with her. I had never heard of Awesome New Republic before, but can’t get this song out of my head now.

Watch Awesome New Republic’s video:

ANR (Awesome New Republic) “It’s Around You” from Mayer\Leyva on Vimeo.
Fun Facts:
– Created during Hurricane Irene.
– B-Rob (1/2 of ANR) broke his foot spinning around at about 2:21 seconds into the video. They went on tour the next day.
– The man dancing with the hose is Jillian’s father, an optometrist and competitive tango dancer.

For more, visit their official website. 

Lyrics to “It’s Around You” by Awesome New Republic:

Well I know
A body has got to be warm
And I’ve roamed the pattern of the beast of this shore
Well, she’s foaming up at the lip, you see
Gettin’ warmer in the middle
She’s carrying all the trash away
Warm it up for just a little
We’re one
We got to move away from this shore

So, keep your toenails on the ground
Put your fingers in the air
Let your voice just sing it loud
It’s around you

Well I’ve heard
Concerns are often answered by none
And those words
Believe in them and you will be done
Well don’t worry about the crypt they say
People never meet disaster
We’re 581 miles away
I think it might happen faster
We won
A flood will hit the city, I’m sure.

So, keep your toenails on the ground
Put your fingers in the air
Let your voice just sing it loud
It’s around you

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