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JunioR #1, a Fan-Comic

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Twitter is an amazing beast sometimes. You wake up one morning and find a fellow Bat-fan linking you to a Tumblr that features a fun, little fan-comic about lil’ Damian Wayne titled JunioR. Not all of us are ready to say goodbye to this brash and over-confident (to the point where you wish someone would just draw a panel of Batman hitting him upside the head) young man, and this short sort of illustrates how we all like to imagine him when he’s not being a jerk. Here’s a short summary of the first issue:

Damian may have been raised by assassins, but he’s also been trained by the Batman—who protects and saves the people in Gotham City. Who can Damian turn to when faced with a different kind of life in danger—one that can’t be so easily rescued by blades and fists?

The artwork is reminiscent of some manga out there, but thankfully none of that over-the-top look where the characters have eyes as big as their heads, and limbs and long and scrawny as a shapeless Barbie doll. Though only eight pages long, this short does just enough to bring out the sweetness youth, even if that youth was raised by assassins and dresses up like a superhero to beat up bad guys on a nightly basis. I doubt this will be a mere one-shot of JunioR, but if it is, it’s a nice, mental send-off to the Damian Wayne whom we became so attached.


Written by Vivien Gallasch
Pencils/Inks by Pamela Lovas
Colors/Lettering by Wave
Edited by Megan Butler

You can download your own digital copy of JunioR #1 directly from the comic’s Tumblr page.

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